Our Team

Jessica Delia


Jessica Delia is an occupational therapist (OT) at Gowanus Treehouse, and the League Preschool, formerly of the Stanley S. Lamm Institute Preschool and Infant & Child Learning Center. OT won her heart with a focus on sensory integration, neurological development, and functional fine motor skills. Jessica grew up in the midwest, and moved to New York to become a professional dancer. For a career change, she earned her Master of Science in OT from Stony Brook University. 

Jessica is passionate about using classical game playing in order to facilitate a child’s fine motor and visual perceptual skills embedded within play. She also uses her vast knowledge of movement to incorporate balance, vestibular, and motor planning skills into gym activities. As a proud dog mom, you may find her with her super smart brindle mix with Yoda ears, Maisie, and enjoying life in the “upstate” pastures.