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Gowanus Treehouse is an inclusive therapeutic OT play space with a thoughtfully designed sensory gym to meet the needs of neurodiverse and neurotypical children of all ages. Children are paired with professionally licensed OTs for individual and group instruction to address their specific goals and needs to challenge them to build, play, and grow to their optimal potential.


Let us guide your child in developing their motor, sensory, and cognitive skills to ignite their potential.

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Occupational Therapy

Build the brain-body connection through therapeutic play

Physical Therapy

Move, jump, balance, and strengthen

Social Learning Groups

Harness the power of self-regulation in a dynamic group setting


Carry-over progress through school visits, parent-coaching sessions, or via sensory design (home or community)

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A holiday message from the Treehouse!
The Winter Social Groups cycle will run for 9 weeks.

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