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Holiday Gift Guide for Sensory Seekers

December 12, 2023

Sensory Seeker Gift Guide

  1. Amazon: Rock Crayons – strengthen your tripod grip & improve fine motor skills with this fun and colorful set of Rock Crayons.
  2. Amazon: 50 piece Fidget Toy Pack – explore this varied fidget set for busy hands to help calm and focus the mind while reading books, during car rides, or simply to have  your own sensory toolbox at home!
  3. Fun & Function: Heavy Weighted Sloth Hugger – the Sloth Heavy Hugger is the ultimate soothing weighted companion, arms & legs snap together to provide calming weight as you carry it on your back as a backpack, or wrap it around the front for a nice warm hug. You can even stash your favorite fidgets in the sloth’s zipper pocket!
  4. Ark: Handheld Chews / Ark: Chewelry / Etsy: Holiday Chewies – Oral motor chew tools are a safe way to receive oral stimulation, enhancing the mouth muscles, developing oral tone, and practicing biting/chewing skills. Additionally, they serve as effective oral fidgets that are colorful and come in different textures and rigidity, redirecting behaviors like finger/knuckle biting or chewing on shirts.
  5. Fat Brain Toys: Stepping Stones – create a mini obstacle course in your home using these stepping stones for kids to hop, walk, and skip across while working on coordination, balance, and more!
  6. Amazon: Sensory Hammock Swing – a sensory swing is a wonderful tool that provides calming qualities from the swinging motion paired with deep pressure from the cocoon like design.

There are many other options available, but here are a few of our favorites for any gift giving opportunities coming up.