Our Team


Assistant OT – Snuggler

Domino began working at the Treehouse from its inception. He has been dubbed the “accidental therapy dog” for his hard work on the social-emotional front, assisting to dry tears, improve self-regulation, or just put a smile on a child’s face after a long school day. He has inspired children’s drawings and story writing, even for reluctant writers. He often aids in smooth transitions in and out of therapy sessions with a good pet or snuggle, which has provided positive reinforcement. 

Domino gravitates towards kids' playfulness and supreme attention giving skills and has established many bonds along the way. He has also been a tool for helping children acclimate to a new pet at home or are fearful or hesitant around pets and don’t know what to expect. 

Now a senior dog, if he is not napping, he can usually be found greeting all of his buddies at The Treehouse office gate.